Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I want to lose Weight ~ lose 5 to 6 kg~

Yes, I want to lose my Weight.....

I will start my diet plan today hope I can see a good result by end of this month.

Lose 5 to 6 kg is my Big Plan before I going to my Bali Trip Next Year.... wear Bikini at Kuta Breach is my I must make my dream come true.

Diet to me is a very hard job to work it out because I enjoy eating very very very much...I can not stop eating...when I m hungry my mood will be very I don't know what diet plan is suitable for me. I plan to do more exercise because my body always full of energy...I can do a lot of sport.... Swimming...Jogging... badminton...

I hope I can work it out this time....Gambatei!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. gal.. i believe you can do it..
    Eat less during dinner time ba.. This really work.. i think if u not taking dinner for 1 week, u can easily loose 3 kg..
    This is true :)